The WCG RIA was established in October of 2014. Since then, the firm has rapidly grown from a regional to national presence with over 30 branch locations throughout the United States.

WCG is built for and by advisors, with an appreciation to differentiate themselves in a crowded world of Financial Services. Our advisors help their clients set and implement clear goals aligned with their needs, values and objectives.

The Importance of the Personal CFO

“Most people recognize the important role chief financial officers play within successful businesses. We believe the CFO role is just as critical to the successful management of an individual or family’s financial affairs.”
Jimmy Lee, CEO and Personal CFO

Our goal is to create the best support platform for the independent wealth advisor

Our mission is to continually improve our support platform for our advisors so that it is unmatched in the industry. This gives advisors the ability to offer the services of a Personal CFO, and ultimately provides more time in their day to build their business and spend with their clients. We call this the WCG ARC Process. Today, WCG is comprised of over 128 advisors, 40 branch offices, and nearly $7.8 billion in Advisory and Brokerage assets*.

We are a community of established advisors who value independence and their relationship with each other.
We help advisors transition from a financial advisor to a Personal CFO
You benefit from the WCG ARC Process

*As of 06/05/2024